Case Study: Motorola
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Objective: Create a series of C-level presentations and supporting collateral for GAMA (Global Applications Management Architecture) for use by Motorola executives and sales team.

Approach: Motorola had the need to simplify and make consistent the messages around GAMA. They turned to Effective Marketing to support this effort. EM created a Flash based PowerPoint presentation that insures quality control and consistent messaging to allow the field to deliver the message with confidence.

Results: Motorola sales team commented that the tools Effective Marketing created in support of GAMA helped them deliver a complex message more consistently and effectively and that it improved their credibility with the prospect because all the collateral was so professional.

Case Study: Advantage Boston Website

Objective: To create the most comprehensive website for the new Boston convention center and the Hynes Auditorium.

Approach: Evaluated 30 convention center site maps to formulate the current site map and navigation. Created a consistent design template to insure intuitive navigation and usage.

Results: Generated a 177 page website in less than 3 months. Is easy to use, accurate and thorough.

Case Study: Propagate Networks Branding Campaign

Objective: To come up with the wackiest idea in the WiFi space to help Propagate increase perceived market value and attract the attention of potential partners. Create brand identity for Autocell.

Approach: Developed a totally integrated branding campaign under the umbrella “Wifinally” Launched the campaign at WiFi Planet 2003 and attracted lots of attention.

Results: Attendees and partners at WiFi Planet said, “you guys are everywhere, how did you do that?” In the process of closing partnerships with 6 prospects as a result of first wave of campaign.

Case Study: Advanstar

Objective: To increase the number of C-level attendees, vertical market decision makers and reach a goal of 30,000 attendees over 3 days at the AIIM/OnDemand conference.

Approach: Analyzing past events resulted in identifying two market trends: target audiences need to be hit 5-7 times for action, and most attendees come from a 300 mile radius.

Results: Innovative approach to reach target audience with refined lists, directed messages and efficient media mailings to drive audience to the website achieved all the objectives cost-effectively.

Case Study: Boston Ski and Sports Club

Objective: Assess current approach to marketing programs, make recommendations for improvements.

Approach: Brought 4 member marketing/management team through structured marketing planning process.

Results: Created one page marketing plan roadmap that is comprised of short term and longer term programs that will position the company for it’s next phase of growth.

Case Study: Acton Indoor Sports

Objective: To improve the collateral that supports the camps, clinics and programs and to edit B role video footage into a 3 minute finished video for use at camp tradeshows.

Approach: Put us in the shoes of 35-year-old moms. We were one once!

Results: According to the client, improved brand image and “got it” on the first try!

Case Study: InfoClarus
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Objective: Top create flash demo that told the story of Auto Courier in a fun, entertaining, educational way.

Approach: Brought Auto Courier to life via a cartoon character in flash. Wrote script for voice over, designed storyboard for flash demo.

Results: InfoClarus competitors calling to compliment them on the flash. Wanting to know who dreamed it up.

Case Study: Bio-IT World Magazine

Objective: To develop a bi-monthly e-newsletter for marketing professionals in the life sciences. The purpose of the newsletter is to build community and provide case studies, tools and tips about what works and doesn’t work in this market.

Approach: Developed content for the newsletter, established affiliate programs for contributed content and developed the database of marketing people to receive the newsletter.

Results: Launched the newsletter to initial list of 2000 people. Hope to double circulation every 6 months.

Case Study: Telephotonics

2001 Objective: Raise company valuation through analyst relations programs

Approach: Assembled contact database of over 100 industry and financial analysts in the optical component space. Narrowed the list to 44 key influencers.

• 44 appointments set with analysts
• 44 briefings conducted

Case Study: InfoClarus

Objective: High Tech start-up company needed complete brand identity created for logo, business cards, letterhead, collateral, PowerPoint template and website on a tight budget.

Approach: Interviewed InfoClarus executive team to understand corporate image they wanted to communicate. Developed 6 creative treatments, they mixed and matched elements from several concepts to create the image and color palette they liked best.

Results: Entire team satisfied with results. Completed entire project in 8 weeks.

Case Study: Momentix

Objective: To interview over the phone, tradeshow producers from the Top 200 Tradeshow list.

Approach: List narrowed down to 68 people. 34 people surveyed. 50% contact success rate. Designed survey instrument and script

Purpose: To understand future product features and competitive positioning and levels of service quality

Research findings: Roadmap for Momentix to follow outlining, in detail, what show managers are looking for from tradeshow ASP’s

Case Study: MassWIT: Massachusetts Women, Insight, Technology

MassWIT: Massachusetts Women, Insight, Technology, an all volunteer organization of 1800 members needed a chairperson to manage their first annual International Women’s Day Conference on a pro bono basis. Effective Marketing chaired the conference and managed a team of 30 volunteers.