Imagination that works!

Engaging with Effective Marketing puts you on track to get noticed! Give us a blank canvas and we’ll create a “marketing masterpiece” that’s perfect for your market, not the ordinary, safe and dull “me too” marketing that just blows by the people you want to reach. In fact, our best clients always trust us, giving us a free rein to come up with the most imaginative ideas for their marketing programs. They know they’ll get more than their money’s worth.

And it’s not just about the masterpiece. We keep up to date with the latest trends that work in marketing. We are imaginative, creative, and quick. We are experts who can provide guidance and advice to deliver the best ROI, ensuring that you get the biggest bang possible for your marketing buck.

Marketing Strategies
Advice and Counsel Senior-level, big-picture perspective on strategizing successful, integrated marketing in your target market
Planning Comprehensive process to define and develop your marketing meta-strategy — your roadmap to success
Budgeting Evaluation of budget requirements and recommendations for investments required to achieve the desired results and ROI
Staff Assessment Evaluation of staffing required to execute on your plan
Positioning Strategies     Assessment and big ideas for:
Corporate and product/services
Through research and review of current landscape and trending direction, establish optimal position for your product/service and define your go-to-market strategy
Messaging Development of your USP (unique selling proposition) and translating into “clear-speak” messaging. Includes emphasis on message mapping to target audiences
Branding Strategies Assessment and big ideas for:
Visual Identity Leveraging your USP (unique selling proposition) into pique imagination imagery for all marketing vehicles
Naming Generating smart, creative names and naming conventions
Product Packaging Concepts to carry your brand image into the product packaging domain
Promotional Strategies Assessment and big ideas for:
Promotional Programs  
  » Web marketing and  e-Communication An orderly 8-step process that brings you to the design or redesign of your website. The goal is to maximize your online presence and optimize your visibility to the audience that’s looking for you. E-Communication to build community in your target audience base
  » Advertising Imaginative, integrated concepts to grab attention and mind share
  » Direct Marketing Establish personal connections to inspire massive action in your audience base
  » Events/Face-to-Face Tradeshow and event strategy development and planning mapped to your business objectives
Complete turnkey planning and management of custom events, from internal sales meetings to road shows
  » Audience Acquisition and Development Add intelligence to the process of list acquisition to increase your connection with your target audience for outreach and events
Promotional Materials  
  » Collateral Architecture Development of a logical hierarchy to ensure that your collateral is optimized for each step in the sales cycle
  » Design Imaginative design to transmit concepts quickly
  » Content Crisp, “clear speak” copy that your audience can grasp and digest
quickly and easily