» What makes Effective Marketing different?
» What are you most proud of?
» What are your core competencies?
» Where can you help clients the moost?
» Give me an example.
» How do you charge for your services?
» What kinds of clients do you work with?
» Why are you successful?

What makes Effective Marketing different?
A. We are passionate about helping you break out of the pack to attract the attention you want. With our expert, imaginative approach we can provide you with the verve and personality you need to get noticed.

Our flexible business model enables us to assign senior, experienced marketing professionals to engage directly with you to ensure fast action and fast results. ^ top

What are you most proud of?
A. Effective Marketing is known for breakthrough ideas that get clients noticed. We have a successful track record for this important work and we are extremely proud of it.

When given a blank canvas, we can create a masterpiece appropriate for the client’s market. Our clients
keep coming back to give us the flexibility to come up with the most imaginative
ideas for their marketing programs. ^ top

What are your core competencies?
A. We quickly dive deep to get to the heart of a client’s business objectives. This gives us the ability to develop an integrated foundational plan quickly and propose imaginative approaches for outreach and expansion. ^ top

We keep up to date with the latest trends that work in marketing. We are experts who can provide guidance and advice to deliver the best ROI.

Where can you help clients the most?
A.Our clients tell us that we’ve helped them most by getting traction quickly, recommending thorough integration of marketing investments, and giving them the POW! to attract the attention of the right audiences. ^ top

Give me an example.
A. Propagate Networks (www.propagetnet.com) contacted us because they needed a BIG idea to attract attention. We came up with three big ideas in seven days, to help launch their product introduction and get noticed in a big way. ^ top

How do you charge for your services?
A. Typically we charge a onetime planning fee and a monthly fee to manage the execution of the plan and its deliverables. ^ top

What kinds of clients do you work with?
A. We only work with clients that are ready to execute on big ideas and that are willing to invest in getting noticed. They understand that they can have the best products/services in the world but until they maximize their visibility they won’t get out of the starting gate.

We focus on early stage businesses and organizations looking to accelerate their market recognition. ^ top

Why are you successful?
A. Over and over we hear that clients appreciate our ability to get quickly to the heart of their business objectives and design thoughtfully aligned, effective, and imaginative marketing plans to help them achieve their goals. We can pick up the ball and run with it effectively for our clients, making it easy for them to rely on our counsel. We’re all about supporting their objectives with imaginative marketing to help them break out of the pack and get noticed.

We listen. We understand. We create. We deliver. ^ top