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Selling with Next Generation Value Propositions

iSolution Navigator (iSN) is the next generation Sales Tool used to discover opportunities by enabling the sales teams to deliver pictured presentations that engage and respond to customers' challenges and needs. Your sales teams can more effectively show how your solutions address the customer's problems and provide business value and benefits.

Put a "WOW" in your message.

Are you still using dull, boring, bulletized PowerPoint slides to communicate your valueproposition to your customers? Wouldnít you prefer to "WOW" your customers with a more interactive and exciting message that conveys the value of your solution effectively?

What if you could take the type of dynamic action of a CNN show and put it right in your own presentation?

View the impact of
an AV Message:

Things are happening. There is real life excitement. Also audio, video, and movement. ALL of your cognitive faculties are being simultaneously utilized. Your customer will be riveted to your message.

Tool Capabilities

» Helps your Sales and Marketing organizations make their own Interactive AV "Solution Pictures", customized to each customer's industry, value chain and business challenges?

» Helps you convert your value proposition into an interactive, dynamic Solution Journey.

» Shows the specific vertical market fit of your solution.

» Provides navigational and start/stop animation controls 

» Allows for automation of sound and motion

Tool Features

» Interactive AV Solution Pictures

» Customer Customization

» Industy Models

» Full Value Chain Functional Breakdown

» Business Process Solution Scenarios


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